VPS Add-Ons & Features

VPS Hosting solutions for your website

What Add-Ons can I purchase for my VPS hosting plan?

The following Add-Ons can be purchased for you VPS hosting plan, at the additional costs listed.

Language Packs Cost / month
1 Language Pack $3.00/month
2 Language Pack $6.00/month
3 Language Pack $9.00/month
4 Language Pack $12.00/month
5 Language Pack $15.00/month
Dr. Web AntiVirus Cost / month
Dr. Web AntiVirus $6.00/month
Kaspersky Antivirus Cost / month
100 Mailboxes $4.00/month
300 Mailboxes $5.00/month
1000 Mailboxes $12.00/month
3000 Mailboxes $30.00/month
5000 Mailboxes $40.00/month
10000 Mailboxes $80.00/month